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  • Q:  Who are your clients?
  • A:  We have a multitude of clients from all over the US and even some foreign countries.  Our clients range from small, one-person operations to large corporations, universities and other institutions.
  • Q:  Do I have to sign a contract when I purchase any type of monthly plan?
  • A:  Nope.  All of our monthly plans (Management, SEO, Social Media) are on a monthly basis.  No long-term commitment and you can opt out at any time.
  • Q:  How are you able to deliver such high-volume orders for the Social Media products and services?
  • A:  We have an extremely intricate, powerful and well-established network of partners who help us with this.  It took years to build and is not easily replicated.
  • Q:  How do I know my project is being worked on?  How will I receive updates?
  • A:  If you purchase a website, we will provide you with a working link where you can review progress as it happens.  For SEO and Social Media projects, we send out reports regularly.
  • Q:  I want Imperia Designs to host my website, but I already have a hosting account.  What do I do?
  • A:  No problem.  We can transfer your site over to our servers for you.  We’ll handle the entire process and make sure it goes smoothly.
  • Q:  What is SEO?  Do I need it?
  • A:  Search Engine Optimization is critical to your website’s success.  Yes, you need it.
    Please see the following link:  SEO Explained
  • Q:  How do I contact you and when are you available?
  • A:  We are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  You can reach us through email, phone, Skype or the instant messenger widget on our website.
  • Q:  How do I make a payment to Imperia Designs?
  • A:  We accept PayPal and all major credit cards.  For specific products and services, just add the items into your cart and check out.  For a personalized project, we can send you a PayPal money request or you can submit a payment at any time using our Make a Payment page.
  • Q:  How do I get a quote on my project?
  • A:  Simply fill out our Contact Form and tell us what you need.  We’ll get back to you with a fantastic price quote and expected time frame to complete the project.